Temperature Creep

Posted Aug 31st, 2016 in Technical/Product Updates

Attn: Sunrise Spas Dealers
RE: Temperature Creep
Affects: All Non Circ Pump Spas

As the summer is now upon us again it seemed like a good time to review one of the more common questions we receive calls regarding during the warm weather, temperature creep.

Upon receiving a call of this nature, first, please start by asking the customer the following:

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  1. What temperature is the spa currently set at?

    • The Water will never be cooler than the ambient air temperature outside. The system uses the set temperature as a reference point for when to activate the heater, there is nothing in the spa to cool down the water.
  2. What is the filter cycle currently set at? 

    • The longer the pump runs the more heat it will generate inside the cabinet. During the hottest months of the year it is recommended that the filter cycle be no higher than 4 hours, twice a day. 

Nine times out of ten, one of these two will provide the cause of the issue, but if not, the next thing to check would be for a sticking pump relay. This can be confirmed by asking the customer if any of their pumps are ever running when the icon or indicator light for it is not lit up. If this is the case, the customer will need a new spa pack.

If everything seems to be operating correctly, but the customer is still having issues, then it is recommended that they remove the bags of insulation from the equipment area until the fall.